Born to an Argentinean family, Tango was a presence in George’s life since his early childhood. Thanks to a highly musical family, he started his musical training at age 10 and continued through high school and college.

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Jairelbhi began her dance training at age 9, joining Las Voces Blancas, one of the top dance schools for children in the country.  Because of her graceful movements and perseverance, she became part of the school’s dance troupe, making television performances and traveling frequently.

Recognized for their musicality, George and Jairelbhi Furlong have performed and taught in cities throughout the United States,Canada, Mexico, Central America, China, and Russia, as well as in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and are seen as one of the most promising Argentine tango couple of their generation.

They have performed with the Fort Worth Symphony, Dallas Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, Lisandro Adrover’s Quinteto,Opus Cuatro, and with bandeonists Horacio Romo and Daniel Binelli. They toured the USA in 2007 as part of the cast of ‘Tango Buenos’, and Mexico in 2008 with the Hugo Patyn Dance Company.

From 2011-2016, they were part of the cast of "This is Tango Now" created by Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo. They traveled throughtout the USA and toured China with Fernanda and Guillermo's "Identidad" and “Carmen de Buenos Aires.” They also have performed in shows such as "Maria de Buenos Aires" with San Antonio Opera.

Often invited to be part of the most renowned Tango festivals in the United States, George and Jairelbhi created ‘Evolutiontango’ in 2005, a dance group based in Dallas, Texas, and have produced, directed, and choreographed ‘Tango: Now and Then,’ ‘EvolutionTango,’ and 'Shades of Tango' among several other shows.

Our Years together continued...

Which brings us to the three video tapes Jairelbhi bought from Best Buy. One of the tapes had Flamenco dancing (the reason she bought the videos). We did not like that one very much. But the other two were Argentine Tango.


We watched them and thought “hey that's something we could probably do together,”(and the addiction started.) In slow motion we tried to pick up the steps these professional couples were performing and that is how we started to dance(or at least tried).

One day my wife googled Argentine tango and we came across an instructional video.

It was a follower’s technique video belonging to Diego DiFalco and Carolina Zokalski who eventually after several of our visits to New York City, became our instructors (And I am happy to say they considered us their students.)

Our first professional gig was with the Fort Worth Symphony in 2002. Since then we've been traveling teaching and performing within the USA and as well internationally. We've had the fortune of dancing in many shows with some of the best tango dancers today and because of them we have grown tremondously in our dance.

Our History

fourteen years and growing

Like many people, we have taken group classes and private lessons with different instructors. The list would be long. Some things we learned and kept in our dance. Much of it we learned, but decided that it was not for us. Most students learning not only this dance but others as well, go through a similar process.

Through all those years, four couples stood out for us. Two of the four we consider our teachers. The other two we may not say they are/were our teachers, but they had a huge influence in our dancing and teaching.

Our Teachers and Influences!!

Diego DiFalco & Carolina Zokalski

Our Teachers: We learned the majority of our tango with them. We bought some VHS tapes(yes VHS) and this is one of the dances we saw(Click Here)

Guillermo Merlo & Fernanda Ghi

We met them around 2005 but did not start working with them until 2011. This is one of the dances we saw when we first met them. (Click Here).

Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes

We couldn't say that were our teachers, but they definitely influenced us. We saw this video (Click Here) and we decided to take some workshops with them.

Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa

We took different workshops throughout the years and we always learned something with Julio and Corina. They are a perfect example of a couple that moves very different from us but we were able to take concepts and apply it to our dance. This video (click here) is from the time we met them.

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